Interactive wall elements installed in show.
Images courtesy of Sandy Carson
Opening night reception for Senior Design show: call to action. Visitors engaging with wall elements, and creating buttons.
Button Illustrations

Often times we think and talk about our body’s outward appearance in a negative light, only focusing on the faults. This stems from the harsh and often hypercritical language used to talk about bodies in media, among friends, family, and to ourselves. Starting at a young age, we are presented with socially acceptable bodies and taught to fit these predefined beauty molds. We obsess over our appearances but forget about the incredible, unseen things our bodies do for us. So much of our body is underappreciated for doing such an important job—keeping us alive.

Your Sexy Self presents visitors with various quotes describing the critical ways we talk about our bodies, coupled with facts proving how important other anatomy is. No one ever stops to think about how their liver is doing over 200 vital tasks simultaneously. What a beautiful thing! If we can start to talk about our insides like we talk about our outsides, the importance of outward beauty seems trivial. Visitors will not only see that their body images are skewed to fit societal beauty standards, but they will hopefully find a new appreciation of their bodies and increase their self-esteem. Visitors have a chance to participate in the exhibition by creating their own buttons, combining their favorite body parts and buzzwords to advocate for greater body appreciation.
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